There is evidence that the LED lighting business will replace the conventional lighting market and open up a new era across the lighting industry. We at Samsang Eng’g Co., Ltd.(as a LED lighting company)are stepping forward to be an innovative and reliable manufacturer that serves customers with a top priority of providing quality products at a very fair price, using Korean LED chip technology.

In step with fulfilling market needs, we have developed and patented bidirectional LED lamp that provides illumination at 2 irradiation levels with a single side emitting device. While the angle of radiation of other general LED lamps has 120 degrees of illumination, our patent product is more efficient and illuminates 240 degrees in both directions.

We regard this patent product to be the first ever in the world. It is designed to be mostly applicable to various types of outdoor signboards such as stores, subway, airport, bus terminal, bus stop, pillar signboard, gas station and billboard etc.

Characteristics of our patent bidirectional LED lamp compared to the conventional lamps (fluorescent tube & general LED tube):

1. Energy saving and low power consumption
    Remarkable reduction of electricity cost: 43~70% energy saving compared to fluorescent tubes

2. The number of LED lamps needed is only half of an existing installation using other general tubes

3. Eco-friendly and convenient installation with simple replacement